Primae says: CCP Give me a job!

Is the Primae the forgotten command ship?

Being that it exists in eve already, and that industry is evolving as of late - why not give it a job…?
Here are my suggestions on how this ship could be developed and not forgotten:

1: Lower tier version of a porpoise.
You can easily add a couple of high slots for 1 boost and a tractor…
mid slots for a modest upgrade in tanking
Or simply just make this thing a fleet hanger tub for ore/ice/gas - a modest upgrade to a miasmos in terms of ore specific hauling etc.

2: Gas specific command ship
Make this boat like a porpoise but specific to gas boosting and storage. Literally add a gas hanger that will semi compress the gas cargo as a bonus feature while it is in that hanger. Add a maintenance bay enough to stuff an equipped venture in it and medium drone capability for defense. Also some considerations for fight or flight (and evasion) in wormhole space

With Gas becoming more relevant in larger ship building, it would be nice to expand operations in this fashion .

Or, perhaps something interesting like a dedicated ore/ice/gas compressor ship. This thing would be worth its weight in gold, but it would have minimal tank, therefore it would also be a prime target. … so, risk/reward for a ship very valuable in places where mining is a struggle at best.

The rorq has this ability, why not make a cheap version squishy enough to balance it out.

Make the Primae great again :slight_smile: give it a buff to go along with the industrial changes. ( and some skins of course :))


Why not give the porpoise a reason for existence, living uselessly in the shadow of the mighty and superior in every way Orca, the best ship in EVE. People are more comfortable flying the inferior porpoise into losec already because it’s loss is meaningless, and because they don’t know how to safely operate the Invincible and uncatchable Orca (in competent hands), make it the gas specific boat.

I respectfully dont agree… I use the Porpoise quite a bit, where Orca Ganks are quite Common despite the Tank… Its High maintenance due to the small fleet bay, but I get pretty solid use out of it, with a transporter backup … could the fleet bay use a buff? i think so… for about 125k hull, its a lot cheaper than my floating ipads @ 1.5b atm

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Not everybody has one or can get one and no skills needed to fly it apparently.

Has one? They can buy one… Cant get one? there are Blueprints out there, and im sure CCP wouldnt buff a ship and not provide a means in which to get it… there are plenty on the market as of current despite being useless atm. Its why i posted this thread… Skills are to be determined if CCP takes my post seriously, and takes an existing command ship model (Primea) and gives it a viable use, thus resurrecting it and adding diversity to the command ship fleet.

I was reading about the primae and i saw they were handed out just for the release of PI… i assumed collector edition ship type, so wasn’t available to purchase like most other AT ships and what not.

Per Eve Uni:

The Primae is a limited run ship that has become available to players on very few occasions. It was first released as a promo for Planetary Interaction, as it’s the only ship that doesn’t require any skills to fly. Nowadays, it’s just a collector’s item and rarely seen undocked.

There is no BPO for this ship, and BPCs are not available either. This is a limited edition, limited release ship that does not require a new purpose - it is a collector’s item.


If i’m not mistaken, in-game lore mentions that the Primae hull was originally a salvage ship that was repurposed for PI. But then, they repurposed (depurposed it?) back into a salvage ship.

After that, they rerepurposed it into the Porpoise, giving it a new purpose. Heh.

Well, the Epithal came along. So the Primae now really has no business flying around, just as it should be since it’s a collector’s item, as has been mentioned.

Maybe another good idea would be to make a “strategic industrial” ship with the Primae/Noctis/Porpoise hull, and give you the option to swap subsystems around to repurpose the hull ourselves.


I concur. The Primae needs a new role.

No it really doesn’t. It was made for a reason and now its a collectors item.


Instead they should repurpose the ore hauler Miasmos to include a ship hold of 2500m3 to accommodate a venture hull packaged, since we are forced to move around more I think it makes sense to give us a cheaper option so we can mine, drop the ore out of the venture to the Miasmos, once full we can take everything back to our home system.

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True, this was an assumption so apologies. However it is true that many sit on the market… to make this a functional boat with what I described, would be an interesting proposition. And, perhaps then, the BPOs would follow

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