Planetary Interaction Ship Improvements

Lets get rid of the Epithal and push the Primae as the Planetary Interaction ship as it was intended to be.

The Epithal is a race based ship requiring the Gallente Industrial Skill which in turn delivers a 10% bonus per level to the Epithal’s PI Hold and a 5% bonus to ship velocity per level.

The Primae has:

1 - Cargo Hold
2 – Command Center Hold with 2,000 m3
3 – PI Commodity Hold with 1,000 m3

already. I am proposing that we bring the Primae more into line with the Noctis and the Porpoise as far as bonuses and performance go.


Skills Required Now


	Volume				270,000 m3

Skills Required After Primae Upgrade To Fully Functional PI Ship

	Ore Industrial				4
	Spaceship Command			5
	Command Center Upgrades		1
	Interplanetary Consolidation		1
	Science 				4
	Mechanics 				4

	Volume					400,000 m3

I am not suggesting the Primae be changed from what it is right now without skill training, only that with skill training the ship acquire/attain/convert to the new version.

The Primae’s Role Bonuses could then be modified like so:

1 - Cargo Hold – Remains as is
2 - Command Center Hold – increases per 1,000 m3 per level of Interplanetary Consolidation 			attained for a total of 6,000 m3.
3 - PI Commodity Hold – Increases per 15,000 m3 per level of Command Center Upgrades 			attained for a total of 75,000 m3.

The Fittings could be something similar to this:

CPU 300 tf
Powergrid Output 250 MW
Calibration 300 points
High Power Slots 1 ←Possible Prototype / Improved Cloak
Medium Power Slots 4 ←Shield / Afterburner / MicroWarpDrive / etc.
Low Power Slots 4 ←Armor / Warp Core Stabs / etc.
Medium Rig Slots 3 ←Engineering Rigs etc

The above items remove racial preferences, perceived or otherwise from the game for the PI segment and brings the Primae inline with other ships.

This would allow for a person who has fully skilled the PI skills to have a ship that can carry all needed command centers and storage space for a large amount of PI and in null you could still use a PI cargo hold three times that big and not get it all.

It allows for a good, quality ship that is very specific in its role and cannot be “abused” in other roles.


Where do I buy Primae BPOs from?

I ask this question because it’s underratedly important.

This is why its not like this:
The Primae is a limited run ship that has become available to players on very few occasions. It was first released as a promo for Planetary Interaction, as it’s the only ship that doesn’t require any skills to fly. Nowadays, it’s just a collector’s item and rarely seen undocked.

For this ship to be used more, it has to be seeded again.
Whats the issue with training Gallente Industrial to level I btw? takes litteraly 33 mins.

I do however agree, that it seems wierd the Gallente is the only ones who figured out how to specialize t1 haulers. The other races needs to get similar t1 haulers, to compensate for it.

I dont see any point to this. Unless this ship was slow as molasses, nobody would use a freighter. Beyond that, an epithal does the job admirably. Especially when pocos dont hold anything near 400k m3 of pi.

No…they hold 35,000 m3…so you can even get 2 poco’s worth in them. If you dont see any point to the command centers being carried in the PI ship…you either dont do PI or you dont do enough of it. If we are going to have a PI ship, lets have a PI SHIP.

It doesn’t have to be a primae. That was an example. but it still stands, why have two ships to set up and perform PI and call both ships PI ships when neither effectively does the job? THAT makes no sense.

Almost 68 thousand actually. If you actually do PI, you’d train up the relevant skills wouldnt you? As for command centers, considering people generally prefer to do that as infrequently as possible, something as simple as an iteron handles the job just fine. Hell, I used a carrier the last time I did PI because I couldnt be bothered to buy an iteron and simply slapped cargo extenders onto it. Outside of transporting CCs between systems, you have no need to leave the safety of a structure’s undock point when handling them- no need to be AT the planet to drop them afterall. No need to have anything dedicated to them.

You are missing the entire point but that is okay at this point.

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