Allow Command Centers in Epithal planetary Commodities hold

That’s basically the whole idea in the title:

Allow Command Centers in Epithal planetary Commodities hold

Why is that not already a thing? Currently you have to fit cargo expanders to the Epithal if you want to deploy a new command center.


Possible reasons people will suggest:

1. It’s good for the economy because you have to buy stuff.
Really? Cargo expanders are so cheap its not going to make much of a difference, it’s just hassle and unneeded complexity.

2. It forces you to fly a more vulnerable ship to deploy the initial command center, which is good for pvp.
Right, but I can deploy the command center while tethered and then dock and re-fit so…

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And if you manage to say that different, you have something worth looking into.

I don’t like the epithal. It IS too powerful. But i can see this happening. Makes sense.

I’ve had that same exact thought before so I agree.

if you can fly an Epithal, then you can fly a Nereus.

The Nereus can be tanked and utilize drones…
But why would you warp to a planet, plop down a Command Center then sit there in orbit while building the infrastructure before taking inputs to the POCO? just asking to be ganked.


You don’t need a tank or drones, or to go to the planet. All this can be done tethered at a citadel or inside a pos shield. The current system just forces you to have extra fittings (or an extra ship by your suggestion) that isn’t needed ever again after setting up the planet.

I think that the Epithal should stay as it is, however the Primae… now that should be changed to actually be good at PI which I believe it was a job it was supposed to do but has no real capacity to do so.

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Was a one-time gift that is just asking to be ganked every time one undocks.

ok fine, you need to go to planet to drop the comman center dont you?

and if you go 3 rigs and 1 expanded cargo module, you still have plenty of room to tankyour epithal…

Your idea still is not needed.

Proposal, -1

There’s a VERY big difference between what is effectively a building of some kind, and a bunch of resources harvested from a planet.

For all you know, the inside of the Epithal’s PI bay is filled with 100m3 boxes. Pretty hard to stack a command center into one fo those.

I must add… it would be nice to have a command center cargo hold. AND have enough room to fit 6 command centers. so we need 6k m3 command center room… if its not a separate hold, thats cool, just let us use the pi hold then which already has MORE than enough room :slight_smile:



Maybe, but all those ships should be made usefull. I have an Echelon somewhere that is crying out for a relic analyser and a prop mod to do exploratin sites.

there are Zephyrs out that that are crying out for a cargo hold and the ability to dosomething useful, a useless gift is useless, CCP should have made these ship serve a specialised purpose and enabled them to do it well

Incursion runners will pay you 200m for the ability to hack dat rep-tower thingy.

That are use for making capital warp in bookmarks in sleeper anomalies because those do not get shot down by angry Sleepless Guardians. Each class 5 and 6 anomaly brings up to 300-400m. Positioning your capitals into optimal range is crucial.

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