Era of Chaos Loot Extravaganza!

The recent changes to citadel loot ‘safety’ has really gotten people excited, as literally trillions of isk has unexpectedly changed hands. I know if I were logged off for a few months, and returned to find the rules of the game had changed so dramatically, I would definitely be like “Wow, the era of chaos is super exciting! I can’t wait to give CCP more money in order to see what crazy ideas they come up with next.”

So, in order to keep this era of chaos thing going, I offer the following suggestion which is clearly fair and balanced in every way:

For one million isk, you can buy a Jita ticket. This will award you the contents of one randomly selected player’s hangar in Jita IV-4. This sounds like a totally legit idea.

It’s CHAOS!!! :crazy_face:

At least have the decency of putting (admittedly very amusing) trollposts in General Discussion instead of Player Features & Ideas! :triumph:

BTW you still offering your services? And I’m not asking about mining permits…

I’m always in business friend, but this isn’t trolling, it’s cutting edge satire aimed at whomsoever at CCP Central Command has been making such terrible decisions. I haven’t lost anything with these new citadel changes, but oh man, someone is gonna have a bad day when they log back in.

Still a “general discussion” and not a feature/idea :stuck_out_tongue:

But woooooah YOU of all people think “no asset safety” was a bad idea? :scream:

I think no asset safety is a great idea, I also think people deserve to be informed before it happens. They should have moved everything into asset safety, and then proceeded from there with new changes. I believe in fair play, with rules that don’t just change overnight. What can I say, I’m a reasonable person. Otherwise, we might as well just start doing coin flips and winner takes all, loser biomasses.


Interesting. I had a similar idea: to put a “grandfather” policy/mechanic where structures currently fielded were exempt (ie. used full/low-power mechanic), and only newly fielded ones were affected. But your line of thinking is similar and not unreasonable. CCP should have done SOMETHING better for sure.

Yah, any reasonable person can see that a grandfather clause of some kind is appropriate in this situation. It’s like CCP created a parking garage, and then overnight they decided that any cars left in their parking garage are now the property of CCP.

There are some people who lost a lot of isk, not because they got outplayed, but because CCP done ■■■■■■ them. I feel bad for those people, and I hope instead of maxing out their credit card to replace their losses, they decide to send the isk to me.


It is preposterous that CCP didn’t factor in items that were left in citadels before the update. They could have done it in any number of ways. Eve is famous for being a game that people take long breaks from, then come back and pay CCP hundreds of dollars to resub characters and get back in the game. Now, those guys with 18 accounts will come back and be all “WTF happened to asset safety? All my stuff is vaporized?” I have a feeling those people will be inclined to just uninstall the game at that point and never think about it again.

The abandoned state is meant to get rid of citadel spam; I don’t understand why they felt the need to make it piñata mode. It would have been even more effective if they just gotten rid of Concord protection of abandoned structures and kept asset safety intact.

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Yah, I think that was a terrible business decision, people aren’t going to pay real money to CCP if they don’t trust the developers. I’m certainly not inclined to pull out my credit card.

What’s next? Maybe if you go more than a week without logging in, your capsule runs out of air and your clones deteriorate and your character is deleted?



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