Escalation site disappeared!

Just got an escalation named “Sooth Sayer”, cleared first packet, jumped to second and suddenly found myself in the void near to lone beacon. In Agency tab all information about escalation vanished. What a hell?

Your escalation went to a dead end. Otherwise your Agency tad would get a new location around 4 jumps away.

Just bear in mind that every escalation step can either escalate to the next step or just be a dead end.

Better luck next time

But the second pocket is garanteed to be present. Wiki stands clear about this.
On the other hand as i jumped to second pocket i saw npc enemies in 250 km, but they suddenly dissappeared.

Sure, Wiki is clear: Combat sites - EVE University Wiki :

When the site listed in the Journal is completed, there is a chance that it will escalate further, leading to yet another site. Most expeditions have four such parts.

I think what @Alice_Loreley is saying is that the first site of the escalation contains two pockets, and when she jumped to the second pocket (in the first location) that there was nothing there, is that right?

There is only a chance that the escalation will lead to a second site, but if you are in the first site, you should always get both pockets.

Any chance the escalation expired while you were in the first pocket? Either way, this is probably worth a support request as it sounds like a bug.

yes, thats right, there was no second pocket in the first site. Only empty space with beacon

Yep, that’s busted then. It should have been there.

Reading is hard.

The ships are at 200+km and will warp out as soon as you enter the 2nd Pocket. At this point you either receive a message with the location of the follow up or the expedition ends.

“3 ships warping” off IS the 2nd pocket of the 1st expedition step in the Sooth Sayer exp.

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Ah, good catch. So, working as intended then.

Ok, thx. I really didn’t know.

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