Blue Pill expedition bug?


I got a Blue Pill escalation, but on the 2nd site, there was no enemy at the gate at all. I jumped in to the 2nd pocket, and saw the Jols Eytur guy warping off. Then got the message: “Again you warp in to far and the Angels slip away into space. Luckily they leave a predictable path.” but the expedition just disappeared from my agency menu…

As I see the escalation trigger would be a commander ship on the 1st pocket, but the pocket was totally empty…

As I know no one can jump to an escalation site, because that’s not apperaing on the probe scanner.

Or I missed something? Maybe this is just a bug.

If you were running an unrated site that escalated there’s only a chance that it will ‘run to completion’, it sounds like this one finished early.

From here:

"The exact method for escalating to next part of expedition is not known. But based on observation the following seems to hold:

The probability to escalate further is 50%. This would mean that the probability to reach the fourth location is about 12.5%."


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