About the Blood Port, does it nowadays actually triggers expeditions?

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It was said in 2009-2010 that this site may escalate into 6/10, 7/10 or 8/10. But you know, there are so many changes in versions. And some guys claims that the Blood Port triggers 7/10 now, but the proof they give is for the Guristas Port. And that one do escalate in to 7/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6QrVtowuBc
So did someone ever see an escalation in this site?

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I’ve haven’t actually run the site but according to various wiki’s the Blood Port anomaly should escalate to DED 7/10 site, Blood Raider Coordination Center. As far as I know CCP hasn’t done any major changes to Exploration sites so I’d say the various wiki’s are still close to being accurate. However I believe CCP does regularly change the RNG tables for both loot drops and escalation chances.

Hopefully someone with experience in running Blood Port anomalies will post a reply and either confirm or deny if the site still escalates to a DED 7/10. If nobody does then you’ll just have to keep running Blood Port anomalies until you get an escalation, then you’ll know for sure.

Good luck.

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Still trying now. Will update this info if I really get a 7/10 escalation. Thanks.

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