DED Escalations

I know that Running a straight Blood Rally Point or Blood Raider Rally Point can escalate to a DED 6/10, but what about Forlorn Rally Point, Forsaken Rally Point and Hidden Rally Points?

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Check EVEuni Wiki - Escalations for data on the sites you specifically mentioned, it’s very possible that your answer is there. If not then you could run multiple sites of each variant and contribute to the wiki’s accuracy.

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I was thinking about that, but then the entries on that page are extremely old and there’s no telling if the information is currently up do date, given how CCP loves changing stuff without telling anyone.

CCP don’t touch old missions and encounters code because is afraid of it. Uni Wiki is almost guaranteed to be correct on such topics.

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BS… Then how does the adjusted drone agro come about if nothing is touched?
What about drop rates that are adjusted from time to time?

That and the EVE Uniwiki pages for the Forlorn Rally Points (Forsaken, hidden and forlorn) literally say nothing. One of them doesn’t even exist xD Backstage lore, though, does give some good info, if it’s accurate.

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Where? Afik afk ratting is still ruining game hard. I do combat exploration for at least year and didn’t noticed big change in behavior.

It wasn’t a big change, but since last year many players have reported that the drones are shot down more often. Or as with the conduit sites, when CCP on Reddit had assured that no changes had been made and 7 days after that statement massive loot reduction including an increase in rewspawn time came.

triglavians are new content. we are talking about DED sites and anomalies. Those are two different codes. Don’t compare them.

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ok, then bounties adjustment from anomalies last year? :stuck_out_tongue:

I just want to say that if there is enough will someone finds himself messing up the few lines of legacy code by CCP

Does not need to touch the code. The bounties are set per rat, not per anom/dedspace.

Ok last try : They changed for some pokets the need to get the key drop to the next gate. Count it? :smile:


The previous post of yours was a good enough proof that you don’t actually try to make sense, and rather try to make posts that look good but don’t have any truth in them, therefore a total waste of time for people trying to discuss.

if you think so…was anyway last attempt to prove to you that there were quite a few adjustments to DED, no matter how you look at it.

There is a saying: Where the will there is a way.

When CCP wants something badly enough, they can adjust everything.

Have a nice day.

It was a fail.

Not only anoms are not ded sites (which are signatures), but also you don’t need to modify the anoms to modify their bounty.

That’s complete stupidity. Willing something does not make it possible.

It’s not a matter of “wanting”, it’s a matter of allocating the required resources. Which in turn are not used for other things.
There is an entry fee for this kind of feature, that is to make people learn how to do will it, that is very high and has a very low return.

Why is this guy getting grief? For sure, CCP change stuff all the time without communication.

The ded site info from the likes of eve uni is the best you can get though. If you find it different, update the info.

Why everyone is trying to force people to believe that CCP actually changed DED sites, without any data to confirm that theory?

It’s funny that bunch of people that probably don’t do that activity arguing only because “CCP likes to change things without mentioning” with people that do this activity as mainly thing in game. That from experience know that nothing big changed. Maybe CCP stealth nerfs are so stealthy nowdays that actually change nothing?

There was some changes in past years. But afik nothing in at least few years back changed what sites escalate to what and most articles on uni wiki or other sites are more or less correct.

But I guess that need of forum PvP is too strong…

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except for the drone angro, I never said that anything had changed at short notice. Well, I may have been wrong about the drone agro.

But this is what I meant. There have been minor changes over the last few years, and that’s exactly the counterpoint to your “old stuff never gets touched”

I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it here, but you didn’t want to accept anything at first.

Just to put mine on top: when and how those minor changes affected “DED escalations”?

And yes. Drone aggro (witch didn’t affected old NPC’s) and bounty payout weren’t changes to DED sites itself. It’s not about you here. You seams to be good enough guy to simply agree that you probable was wrong. My point is, that there is to much hate and PvP on forum. Everyone will use any single possible word just to hammer you down.

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you are right.

100% agree :wink:

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