Escalation Site

So i get an escalation site and I’m thinking woo hoo.
I get here and - holy WTF?! within 5 seconds i was warping away with like 1 HP left on my Thrasher.

Do I need a fleet? How could I possible get this done?. I didn’t even have time to pick a target let alone damage anything.

What kind of rewards do you get from escalation sites?

Which escalation site, and what were you flying ?

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I had a Thrasher with 5 - 125 mm gatlings using Arch Angel Proton, missile launcher and a cannon. shield extender and damage control II. rigs for damage and firing rate. target painting, microwarp drive and overdrive.

The site was called: Sansha’s Nation Neural Paraltytic Facility (level 5)

Can you post your fit

As with what you describe, you barely have any tank on a dessie, which are basically already paper tanked, but hard hitting frigates.

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A DED 5/10 is a bit too much for a destroyer. The first 2 rooms aren’t bad - roughly comparable to a level 4 mission but the 3rd room is nasty - you will encounter 3 stasis towers and roughly 1000 dps of incoming damage. You’ll find lots of information, including videos with a google search. What you’re up against:’s_Nation_Neural_Paralytic_Facility

Good luck!


how can I do that?

LOL I would NEVER have been able to do that with my Thrasher.

The minimum requirement for that site would (in my opinion) be an EXTREMELY well tanked and piloted battlecruiser, or faction cruiser.

Much more preferable would be a well-fit battleship with sansha-specific resistances, or a shiny strategic cruiser, heavy assault ship or shudders Gila. I’ve run it before in a Muninn and with a Tengu.

If you’re set on running it, getting a group of friends together may be the best approach. Alternatively, you can sell access to the site to another interested party, this has become more complex with recent changes, here’s a video explaining it in some detail.

IMO a fair price is the cost of the overseers personal effects that the site drops (~43 mil in this case), leaving all deadspace loot and bounties to go to the buyer.

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Open fitting window, copy fit to clipboard, paste here

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Hehe, lost some Myrmidons to a compareable site, with an active MWD it took just 3-4 volleys to be killed. Even a T1 and Meta fit BS didn’t stand a chance, after 6 months in EVE.
So we’ve built a fleet of three BS to finally finish that site successfully.

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[Thrasher, Kill Em All]
Damage Control II
Overdrive Injector System I

Medium Shield Extender I
5MN Y-T8 Compact Microwarpdrive
Peripheral Compact Target Painter

125mm Gatling AutoCannon I
125mm Gatling AutoCannon I
125mm Gatling AutoCannon I
125mm Gatling AutoCannon I
125mm Gatling AutoCannon I
250mm Light Gallium Cannon
Arbalest Compact Light Missile Launcher
Salvager I

Small Projectile Collision Accelerator I
Small Projectile Burst Aerator I

EMP S x2690
Nuclear S x913
Mjolnir Light Missile x29
Nova Light Missile x543
Arch Angel Proton S x1040

As I thought, very low-ish tank. But that’s quite normal for a destroyer.

Only odd thing in there…the mixed guns. Pick one and use it. So either go full 125 or 250

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So what would increase the shield tank?

I added the cannon to get some shots off from a distance.

Well, that would mean sacrificing the MWD and/or target painter for shield modules.

But it still will stay very lightly tanked, as that is the design philosophy of the Destroyer, low tank but big gank if you compare it to a frigate.

If you want a bunch more tank, you should invest into a cruiser

Your missile launcher will give you range, albeit not much dps. mixing weapons is rarely a good strategy. With your fit, I would replace the overdrive injector with a gyrostabilizer and replace the target painter with a shield resist module - multispectrum if it will fit. For PVE, you’re probably better off with an afterburner than the MWD - you won’t go as fast but you can run it a lot longer and it doesn’t increase your signature so - additional speed + lower sig makes you much harder to hit.

When considering what to do next, you can move to a bigger ship - cruiser or you can move to a better ship in the same class - tactical destroyer. Svipul for Minmatar. In my opinion, the T3D will outperform a T1 cruiser in most roles and is a lot more fun to fly. It is more expensive but you can have fun with the Thrasher while training the skills (you want a T2 fit) and building the budget.

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As others have mentioned, this site is not doable in a thrasher. A Gila or Sacrilege is my preferred ship for it, a quite well tanked battlecruiser might work as well. This may be beyond your reach for now.

However, the site can be worth quite a lot, the overseer rat has a guaranteed 42m drop, and can also drop deadspace mods worth hundreds of millions. You can try selling the location of the site to friends or corpmates for 42m (the price of the guaranteed drop) that way whoever runs it still makes a profit (bounties and other drops)

5/10 is possibly difficult in a T3C

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