Fit for Sansha's Command Relay Outpost?

I’ve never done escalations before, and I’m primarily comfortable with missle boats. Was hoping I could get away with something cheap, but it looks like a ton of frigs and dessies in this site. (Can’t see youtube videos very well, so I can only get a general feel. Dude almost got rocked in his stratios in a video I found!)

Is this site even remotely doable in a corax or caracal? I’ve got max skills on pretty much anything involved - core skills, fitting, missile, shield, even nav. I’m also don’t care about isk/hr; I just want to sucessfully take down the site. Am willing to warp out after every few ships and come back if that’s what it takes. Any scram / neut / etc?

If a corax is doable, would love help fitting. I imagine therm/em is going to be a problem. No bling fits please. If it’s not doable, just say so.

Thanks! (expires in 6 hours so I may just have to see for myself.)

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I know I’m a little late, I’m going to answer anyway.

As you already found out that the 3/10 Sansha escalation contains alot of frigates and destroyers, so a missile boat with light missile launcher or rapid lights would be great. The site isn’t too hard itself and there are neither scrams or neuts in there.
I’d not go in there with a Corax tho, but a Caracal should be the perfect fit. Tank it properly against EM/Therm damage, load yourself some EM Missiles, Acolytes and an Afterburner you can keep running without having your cap die.

The first pocket is pretty easy and should not cause much problems, the second pocket can dish out some damage so when you land you should start moving transversal to your opponents and keep as much distance as your missiles allow.
You can either clear the site or just shoot the ‘Centus Black Ops Commander’, bookmark it’s wreck and warp out. Then 3 minutes later you can just warp to your BM and grab your loot.
I usually kill the commander and while grabbing my loot I clear the rest of the site because it’s faster for me than waiting for 3 minutes.

Don’t get discouraged by the loot, I did 5 of those today and four times I got literally nothing and one time I got two faction modules for 100m and 60m. Those escalations are really hit or miss.

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I was ultra-paranoid not really being able to assess incoming damage from youtube videos (bad eyesight), so I brought my Gila from another region with 3 LSE’s + sansha-specific active resists. I thought “If this site is enough to break a 13k+ shield supported by active EM and thermal resists, everyone’s screwed on it.”

omg it was so overkill / underwhelming. I don’t think I saw any red show up in my shields at all until the second pocket. Just launch drones, fire lights, poof poof poof easy kills. Loot was crap - same as any frigate wreck in an l4 mission. But the experience and learning was valuable. I needed to go with my gut from an assumption I made many years ago - “Scan-required combat sites in high sec that aren’t the sleeper / ghost stuff just don’t ever seem hard or interesting.”

Thanks for the info.

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be careful with serp ded4 then.

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