Hey, new Alpha here. So I just got into a Corax and I would like to do FW. I have about 11m ISK now after buying the ship and 7 arbalest launchers. Should I use the midslots for ECM modules or tank?

@tutucox_Khamsi might have some recommendations for you. Most people suggest using very cheap frigates at first, because you die a lot.

look i think all t1 frigates , t1 destroyers , navy frigates , pirate frigates and t2 frigates are good for FW
i recommend to use t1 or navy frigates and t1 destroyers to start

dont have much experience in missile boats but i think something like this

i didnt find one with buffer tank rocket medium shield extender 1mn afterburner web scram
but i think its good

btw for rockets the caldari navy hookbill is more popular , for light missiles the condor is SUPER cheap and you can get lots of kills kiting

something like this

dont use ecm, range control is king in FW the combo scram web afterburner is very good you can put a mediun shield extender and shield ress + ehp rigs
keep close to the beacon and wen you put the point fight at 9 ish km

no small active tank can survive to a destroyer dps so EHP and DPS in destroyer vs destroyer
dont be that guy with 2 active reps that die on the first volley

its common to tank with one damage control + rigs
but to have a standard
5 to 6k ehp is normal ehp
9 to 10 k its a lot
15 is very tank

the less you have more dps or range or speed or neut or something you have to have

edit4: join a militia … the militia chat will insta open , people will share all kinds of fits with you
ask for a good overview to… people will share with you
eve overview SUCK for FW and you risk killing allies , don’t be a awoxer, unfuck you overview

Captura de Tela 2020-09-26 às 02.03.33
this guy is a awoxer and a terrible person

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What’s an awoxer

its a person who shot allies
wen your overview is good you will see enemy as orange
same corp as green
and allies as purple

ask for a good overview

I use the default overview and that’s what I see so I guess I’m good with it

are you in a militia ?

but default tend to make suspect and criminal become yellow and red , and you want YOUR FRIENDS always green and purple
enemy always orange
and neutral white or yelow or red

if a neutral (normally pirates are neutral) enter your plex he will start to blink yellow them you know he is going in for example

no you are not

if experimented players tell you that default overview is not good for FW, listen to them

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Or don’t and find out on your own why they said what they did. The choice is yours as always. :wink:


I mean that my current overview is the same as what he said

if your current overview is the default overview, no, it is not. It will show some people blinking while they are in your faction, and you take the risk to shoot them

anyway, Uriel is right, you can choose to listen to us or not… this is a sandbox…

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