Escalation Special Event Sites

I would like to expand the Special Events such as Arms Race to include site escalation. When a certain number of smaller sites such as the Rogue Drone Swarm Nest have been completed an escalated site would appear in the region. The escalated site would be similar to a Pirate FoB but not nearly as difficult. The escalated site would spawn ships similar to the Pirate FoB that could be attacked, looted and then salvaged. Escalated Event Site Ships would use all types of E-War but on a moderate to slightly less than moderate use, they might scramble you for five seconds and rotate their scramble out between twenty or so Capsuleers that come into the site.

Once a region has escalated into a Super Site and is destroyed the next time the region is escalated it would be a Tier 2 site and so forth up to Tier 5. The higher the tier the more difficult the NPC’s. NPC’s would be comparable to missions but with higher AI intelligence that would include fleet warping, Command Destroyer Bubble use, Cloaking of NPC Ships at Tier 4 and 5, Bomb use at Tier 5.

The loot that would be dropped would be similar to loot dropped in the Arms Race events but would increase in value the higher the Tier level of the site. Loot drooped would be random and might include a single run copy of a Force Auxiliary to PLEX rewards.

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The overall idea seems cool but I’m not sure how this could work since there’s various system security levels within each region.

Maybe have High Sec go to Tier 3, Low Sec go to Tier 4 and Null Sec go to Tier 5.

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