Eschelon Directive - Small Gang PvP/PvE WH Corp [C2: HS/C4] [US TZ]

Eschelon Directive is an established, continuously evolving mid-sized JSpace Corporation with a primary focus on PvP. Driven by a strong ethical and principled approach, the community welcomes pilots from all backgrounds. Our players are aged 25-60, representing the PST - GMT+2 time zones.

Whilst we are primarily PvP as necessitated, we are also looking for PvE pilots. There is a 5m SP entry threshold where instruction, training and guidance shall be provided. Desirable characteristics include a positive and centered attitude with a willingness to participate. Given our preoccupation with wormholes, scanning proficiency is standard practice.

Over the past decade, ED has welcomed a host of pilots of varying abilities and forged them into a singular, cohesive core. If your current activities include mining, exploring, missions or pvp and you have an interest in broadening your play style in an unfamiliar environment, please contact us via our discord below. We recruit single players and friendship groups.


• Weekly PvP
• Weekly PvE
• Training
• Corporation Buyback
• Activity Rewards
• Ship Procurement Logistics
• Progression Trees
• Doctrine Fittings
• Skill Plans
• Discord
• Pathfinder


• Omega Account
• Discord
• SeAT Key

For information, please reply to this post and/or join us on our discord here: Eschelon Directive

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