Eschelon Directive - [C4: C3/C5] [US/EU TZ] WH Corp - Recruiting New Pilots

Eschelon Directive comprises a small enclave of friends who have resided in Jspace for a decade. The Corp is adaptable has been rebuilt several times to reflect updated activities. Driven by a strong ethical and principled approach, the community welcomes pilots from all backgrounds who demonstrate positive and centered attitudes.

We enjoy tactical PvP and PvE, utilising various tools and practices to streamline efficiency. Above all, we are here to have fun. Our offering and requirements include:


• Regular PvP/PvE
• Training
• Corporation Buyback
• Doctrine Fittings
• Skill Plans
• Discord
• Pathfinder
• SeAT Security


• Omega Account
• Discord
• SeAT Key
• Tech 3 Cruiser

Since inception, the Corporation has embraced a host of pilots of varying abilities and forged them into a singular, cohesive core. If your present activities include mining, exploration, missions or PvP and you have an interest in broadening your play style in an unfamiliar environment, please contact us either here or in-game. We offer recruitment to both single players and friendship groups.

o7 looking to join, could I get a discord link to further discuss?

Thanks for replying. Here is a 24H single use discord link: Eschelon Directive

We are still recruiting both UK and US timezones.

Recruitment remains open.

Seeking chilled UK and US pilots.

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