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Good evening and maybe in / corporations / {corporation_id} / orders /
add order holder Is it also possible to see the history of the ordela (price change)

Not super sure exactly what you’re asking. However no, in order to see a history of an order, i.e. sold x units at y cost etc, would have to do that manually. ESI just returns the current state of the order.

Sorry for my English. But is it still possible to get the owner of the order ?.

The state of an order does not include who placed it.

For /corporations/{corporation_id}/orders/ you could look at issued_by, which represents the ID of the character who created the order.

No. List open market orders placed on behalf of a corporation.
And I need to know the author of the order. if the order was placed not from the corporation

/corporations/{corporation_id}/orders/ would return Open market orders placed on behalf of a corporation, which is what you want? issued_by would be who created that specific order.

If you area talking about /markets/{region_id}/orders/, i.e. the public market. Then @ISD_Sakimura is correct in saying there is no way to know who created each order.


Speech about the warrant structure (owned by the corporation)


here you can see the brokerage tax. but it cannot be unambiguously determined by which orders

Not sure super what you’re asking here. But, you cannot know who created each order fetched via this endpoint, since they are still public market orders.

I’m pretty sure there should be some id in the the object that points to the order_id it relates to. I don’t have an example to test with atm, but I’m quite sure that’s the case.

“amount”: nnnn,
“date”: “nnnnnnnn”,
“description”: “Market order commission to broker authorized by: nnnnnnn”,
“first_party_id”: nnnnnnn,
“id”: nnnnnnnnnnn,
“ref_type”: “brokers_fee”,
“second_party_id”: nnnnnnn

The journal have context_id and context_id_type (market_transaction_id) to link it to a transaction_id, however, it does not have an order_id.
It have been requested to add order_id to transactions: - give the issue an :+1: if it’s important to you.

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Thank. Exactly what is needed

I would like to add that others have linked orders and transactions by comparing: type_id, location_id, quantity | volume_total | volume_remain, unit_price | price …you may be able to improve the comparison even more (It’s not something I have any experience with). But, in short, It’s a fuzzy comparison that can have collisions.

I know what is fuzzy. but unfortunately that is.

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