ESI order history not showing all finished/canceled orders

Hello everyone,

I am facing a problem when using the esi-markets.read_corporation_orders.v1 data to calculate bought and sold items.
Basically I am fetching all open orders and updating them finally with corporations/{corporation_id}/orders/history/ route (

List cancelled and expired market orders placed on behalf of a corporation up to 90 days in the past.

A sell-order starts with 10 units, will be listet in the open-order-list and can be updated when parts of that order has been sold. Finally if order will be finished I can update my dataset via history-order-list (units will be zero) or if order is canceled or runs out it can be updated with that remaining units and a status set.

Now it may happen that orders have to be changed several times and it will remain on market over several months (more than 90 days). In that case the history-order-list will never list that order after it hase been finished, exipred, canceled or whatever. It will just drop of the open-order-list and never can receive a finalized status for it: has it been canceled and remining units have not been bought or has the order bee fullfilled? (at the moment I ve some orders matching that cases and expect more orders with the save problem to come up during the next days/weeks)

Suggestion: It would be more usefull to use the issued-date (get_corporations_corporation_id_orders_issued) for building the esi:history-order-list than the initial date of the order (“issued” contains the last changedate of the order). In that case it not just drop out without final informations and remains at least for some days or weeks in any ESI-calls.

I ve no idea if that also matches the character-order-lists.
Maybe there is a way to change the ESI-Call on historical orders a little bit :wink:

P.S. I ve checked forum for finding a topic with that or similar cases but did not find any. If someone will know a topic to that issue just let me know :wink: If necassary I can also create a bug-report.

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