ESI - Secure route issue

I use the ESI route call to help determine the number of jumps between destinations without having to be in-game, useful when setting up hauling contracts. I’ve noticed however that whilst the ingame route planner has been updated for the recent changes to trig systems the ESI doesn’t seem to have had the same treatment yet.

For example if I use:
to securely route from Amarr to Jita, it still routes me through Niarja whilst the ingame route planner takes me on a safe (albeit long) route.

Is it possible to update the ESI with the same info used for the in game route planning please? Or if I’ve made a mistake in my ESI call then apologies and could someone please point me in the direction of what I’m doing wrong.

Kind regards Elaine


Yes I’ve noticed the same, I’m also looking for any information on this!

There is an issue open for that at, marked as duplicate of, which already has pending PRs to fix the problem, but they are still nor merged as of yet.

I also ran into the problem (similar use case as OP) and will try the workaround to add all Pochven Systems to my avoidance list (and Trig Minor Victories too, while I’m add it)

Very many thanks, not sure how I missed those.

The workaround sounds like a good idea I’ll give that a go in the meantime, hopefully it won’t be long before the Fix is merged in.

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