Is there API saying "system is occupied by... triglavians"

is there API saying “system is occupied by… triglavians”

did they remove gates from API or they still show outdated info

idk. my last info

If ESI isn’t providing proper autopilot routes you should bug report that, as for invaded systems, if you’re referring to the trig minors and edencom forts#minors then i don’t think they will bother as the autopilot already has an option to avoid those systems, if you mean for the random systems with WH spawns, doubt that will ever happen

if you dont know the ansver, just keep youself quiet/ i just died in edencon system.

We gave you the answer to your question, no the ESI endpoints don’t tell you if its a trig minor or edencom system, the autopilot has a setting to avoid both of those systems

Well, in that case:

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