Do Trigs/Edencom interrupt missions?

I looked briefly for this in the forums and on Google, but couldn’t find anything definitive, so here goes. I have been working quite a bit and I don’t typically have time to test this.

I’m running LVL 4 security missions and this agent is sending me to a system with Final Liminality. I am reasonably certain I can get away from the gate even if it’s swarming with Trigs as long as they don’t scramble me.

My questions: Do they scramble in these systems on the gate, and will they show up at a mission site and interrupt it? Thanks in advance.

Edencom wont touch if you haven’t helped the trigs and those systems remain highsec. Trigs systems turn into nullsec and spawn Entropic Disintegrator Werpost on gates.

As far as i’m aware you will find scrams on gates from trigs and player gatecamps.

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Yeah? In a mission BS? Ok, gl.


Yes, the NPCs can and will scramble on the gates. “Anchoring” NPCs are the ones that do this.

No, neither the Trigs nor EDENCOM NPCs will follow you to a mission site, only celestials and stations.

However if it is a Liminal system players may attempt to scan you down and attack you like in low-sec or null-sec.

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Of course. The invasion are developed to interrupt your life in high sec.

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Right, I forgot about the security changes. Thanks. Guess I just got lucky the few times I ran them anyway in my Rattle…phew. I won’t be doing that anymore though.

I guess luck was with me when I did just that…multiple times. It was rather fun, actually.

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