ESI - Wormholes Class & Effect

Hi there,

I was wondering if there were a way to get the Class and the Effect of a given Wormhole by ESI requests ?

I don’t seem to find a way in Eve Swagger.

If i trust my own research, for now, it seems that Class is told by Constellation (searching if it is even by Region)

Still have to figure the Effects now.
Probably by Star ?

See Wormhole Data?.

Answering my own question for anyone who is or will be interesting to get answers.

As far as Classes are concerned, it is indeed the Regions that tell which is which.
And as for the Effects, there are actually 2 Suns is those systems :

  • The Regular one
  • The “Secondary Sun”

By digging into SDE Files, “InvGroups” & “mapDenormalize” & a bit of ESI Swagger, one can find the answer quite easily.

Sources :

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