WH Classes

How can you tell what class a wormhole is without using any 3rd party tools. I’ve jumped into a WH, i see the J number but I cannot see what the class of this WH is using just EVE.

The colour of the distortion/aura is generally a good indicator as it tends to indicate how big a ship can pass through.

It’s been a while but IIRC a golden aura indicates a c5 or c6 and allows caps and below to pass; grey allows battleships and smaller, teal allows battle cruisers and below and blue allows cruisers and below.

The info available in game should also indicate what ships can go through; which allows you to identify the WH class.

The central colour can indicate which faction’s space is on the other side if the wh is linked to kspace.

dude i kinda forgot
but in the text on the wormhole there is some tips about the classes , dangerous part unknown etc,
and the colors of the wormhole
i think c3s are redish
i realy forgot
but i would not mind for the sake of clarity if ccp changed to C3 magnetar clearly after you scanned and entered

I know on the info that Unknown is a C1, C2 or C3, dangerous is a C4 or C5 and deadly is a C6. But unless is says deadly you still dont know exactly what you are getting.

The colour of the aura, whilst it may be an indicator is a prety s**t way of determining actual class. those colours are vague at best.

Perhaps, at a guess, CCP should include it ingame maybe

They probably intentionally left it somewhat uncertain ( like in many other cases) so people had to actually dive in and see for themselves.

ya but since we don’t have the in game browser anymore I’m in favor of bringing some of the 3rd party info to the game client
my cpu is super old , it crashes a lot on alt tab …


Visual wormhole identification - EVE University Wiki.



Any wormhole has ID on one of the entrance points.
here can you check it. Anoik.is
All wormholes can have something in the range -10 + 10% of the nominal mass.


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Indeed, from a 3rd party website, but nothing in game, nothing that CCP gives us in the client of eve, tells us the class of WH that we are in

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It’s really not that hard.

C6 = deadly
C1 = medium ships only

So that leaves 2-5 and small entrances.

Yes you can look at the color of the hole and that can work. But if you don’t want to do that, here’s a different way to do it.

Look at the combat sites. Generally, they are class specific so if you know the naming convention, you’d know the hole class. There’s an exception for shattered WHs but there are not too many of those.

In addition, if the WH has an effect, the effect has a level and that level usually corresponds to the hole class (there are also a few exceptions to this).

That said, you can nail probably 90% of holes without visual inspection of the hole and without a third party site.

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when you’re in a system, look at the first letter of the system’s region/constellation. if it’s A, then it’s class 1, B is class 2, etc.


OK, first decent answer ive seen, thanks, ill check this out today. With everyone elses replies (bar the troll) my thoughts were, thats vague why dont CCP just add the class near the description, cannot be hard for them to do

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Probably that’s intentional to make wormholing more intriguing and less plain predictable, which is not unreasonable given the enigmatic nature of wormholes as a space phenomenon

@Khlaa_Sor that may well be the case, I’ve no known defnitive answer from CCP on that though. but then we could say why dont they hide the effects of a WH for that reason, if I jump into say a black hole effect WH, above my hud is an icon listing all the postive and negative effects and their percentages.

I jumped in to a WH today, I see this, which only tells me the system name.


i have to right click > info to get the constelaltion which is


So according to the reply above this should be a C2, looking at a 3rd party site this is indeed a C2, so available, albeit awkward.

Doesn’t the skybox tell the WH class? I thought there was a different skybox for each WH class type, just like different skyboxes for each k-space region.

Also, the skybox of the other system is visible when you look through the middle of a WH, which can tell you the region or WH class at the other side.


Edit: I see I’m not the first to link this in this thread.

Skybox? not familiar with that term, but if you mean the colours yes they are supposed to tell you, but I have issues defining colours, a simple C1 or Class one between the J number and the securuty status would be fine.

The info is there somewhere, all it needs is for CCP to display 2 characters C and the class name, is that too much to ask? yuo can point towards colours, or the number in the constellation, but a simpel indicator on the screen, not much to ask.

Skybox is how space in your area looks like. Ever noticed how in Caldari high sec you see heavy blueish nebulas all around you, while in Minmatar low sec you see much less nebula that’s red, and more open space? How in the region ‘Cloud ring’ you are in the middle of an actual cloud ring nebula that you can see in the distance from nearby regions? How every wormhole system has their own colours, if I recall correctly, progressing from whiteish to deep red the higher your WH class?

Sure, it would be simple if CCP just spelled out this information on screen, but the information is there. If you’re willing to put in a bit of effort to learn how skyboxes look like in different regions of space, this can help you a lot!

Here’s a nice website to see different nebulae:

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My understanding is that not all wormhole systems have effects, so, supposedly, if no effects are shown above your HUD, there are none. Don’t think they are hidden. Have seen quote a lot of such systems in the WH space, that’s not unusual.

And if you are diving in those holes anyway, there is a decent resource detailing the sites you might encounter there and giving pretty good idea of how powerful the guards are to decide if to engage them or not.

There is one other way- if the wormhole has any wh effects from it’s star, if you hover over the icon, it will describe the wh class as part of the reason for the effects.