How do you evaluate the lvl of a WH?

Sup guys.
Ima newb to WH. The question is once you enter a WH how do I know its level?

By searching the wormhole system (the JXXXXXX designation/system name in the top left) via a search engine or directly via pages like These pages give you an overview of the system’s class, special effects, static wormholes, typical anomalies and signatures, and some other pages even PVP kills and other information.

The easiest way is to look at name of combat sites. You can compare them with that page:

Hi, simple way:
Click on the JXXXXX tag in upper left corner of screen. Window will pop up. Then check for capital letter in the name of the system, A is C1, B is C2 etc.

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Type the number in Google, that’s what I do.

You can use Anoikis to get useful information about the wormhole.

You can also determine the class of the WH before you jump into by reading the WH info description and using visual clues from ‘look at’ the WH.

Wormhole Colors

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