Difference between Level and C rating wormhole

I’m a new bro, interested in exploration. I’m flying a frigate outfitted for exploration, but also some PvE if I run into it. I tried out wormholes a couple of times (2 for 2 getting blown up PvE and PvP).

I notice that if I right-click on the wormhole icon in the scanning window it tells me the “level” of the wormhole (i.e. Level 1), but all the reference material defines wormholes as C1-C6.

What’s the difference?



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They are completely different things. And nothing really to do with progression through the game.
Both the Level of a mission and the Class of a wormhole give an indication of how tough things are going to be in that place - but shouldn’t be viewed as “that’s not for you”. There are Level 4 security missions that can be run in a simply fitted Destroyer, and there’s nothing to stop you going into a C4 or a C6 wormhole in a frigate - the environment will be challenging, and the sites more difficult to scan and possibly defended (run away) but they are perfectly possible.
Just keep your wits about you, don’t get dazzled by greed - a 100m ISK pile of relics in your hold is worth nothing while you are still in the wormhole: the trick is getting out and to a market with your ship/piñata intact.
(You did bookmark your holes on the way down didn’t you?)

The obligatory link to the rather good Eve University page. The one on Anoikis space - which is where wormholes go - is more useful.

Remember in Anoikis there is no local chat channel - so you don’t know if there is anyone in system with you. Use the Directional Scanner (D-scan). Frequently. And don’t sit on a beacon. And be ready to run or fight (clue: you are an explorer, not a fighter and the attacker has chosen to attack you because he knows he can kill you). Sleepers and other Anoikis NPCs are tougher than those in New Eden. You will loose ships.
But you’ll have heart racing moments, and a huge feeling of achievement getting in and out safely with some loot.


when you hover mouse over signatures in the Probe Window the level it displays is a reference to how hard it is to scan, with level 1 being the easiest and level 4 being the hardest. You can’t determine what class a WH it is and where it potentially leads to, but regardless of where they lead they will always be level 1 (easiest) to scan.
To know where a WH leads you will have to look up, Show Info, on the WormHole itself which will give you some info, for example which type of space it leads to and some info relating to the stability of it; as for which type of space, it will say something like this in the discription:

  • This wormhole seems to lead into High/Low/Null Security parts of space.
  • This wormhole seems to lead into Unknown parts of space. - this means WH system of Class 1-3.
  • This wormhole seems to lead into Dangerous Unknown parts of space. - this means WH system of Class 4 - 5.
  • This wormhole seems to lead into Deadly Unknown parts of space. - this means WH system of Class 6

Some WHs do have a unique identifier that can specify this even more, as well as the visuals of the WH can give you indications of which region of K-space it might lead to. More on this can be found here.


WH PvE is quite dedicated, there are very few sleeper rats that can be killed with a scanning frig, and it is recommended to have a frig with scanning/hacking bonus to finish the sig quickly and without blowing up too many containers. So you will appreciate scanning skills and bonuses and a quick ship rather than a tanky but heavy and slow boat.
Magnate (or Heron, Probe, Imicus) are splendid to start with and not too expensive to lose, which will happen from time to time.
Also get yourself some Sister Core Scanner Probes., they are more expensive, but you have better chances to scan down higher level signatures.

And if you are Omega: Set cloaking (up to IV) on top of your skill list :wink: You’ll love it, for you stay hidden while scanning around, and with covert ops ships you can even warp while cloaked.
If you are Alpha: Become Omega and enjoy!


Hi. Thanks for the info and pages. I watched some WH videos so I knew to bookmark the exit. The Artero that blew me up did me a favour, he also got my pod so I didn’t have to pod it all the way home.


All of this helps tremendously. This totally answers the question. This is a great community, I’m looking forward to lots of action.

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Thanks. Good information. I’m still an Alpha but probably upgrade soon. Just getting a few hours flight experience first.

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Don’t forget ‘Self-destruct’ as a way of getting home quickly when in a capsule - there’s no penalty involved unless you have implants.

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The Astero is a cracking little ship, A tough little explorer - my first combat experience when I was in one, I was running a relic site in lo-sec, somewhere I’ve in Minmatar space, when I was attacked by someone who though I’d be a soft kill.
We were both into structure - him more so and failing - when he bailed and ran for it, leaving me damaged but still intact. Very close, under 25% hull, he would have been below 10% by the time he hit warp.
It was only afterwards I remembered the warp disruptor I had fitted. I’m glad he got away after a scare - I didn’t mean him harm, but he learnt that not all soft targets are soft.


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