System/Star classification from ESI

I am assuming you can get the classification from here. /universe/stars/{star_id}/

and I tested a random wh and got this “spectral_class”: “K4 V”,
I know this is a class V wh, because I googled it. So im assuming that V is where you can get the classification.

However… is there any documentation of how that will always be formatted, and what the K4 means? ALso, what will it look like in null, low, or k space?

Probably not that simple.

A K4 star means the star has a surface temp of between 3,900 and 5,200 Kelvin. the V is the Morgan-Keenan Luminosity Class of that star; which means that the star in your WH is a main sequence dwarf star

Look up the Hertzsprung–Russell Diagram.

So unless CCP defines WH class by the luminosity of the star in each WH, it’s prob just a coincidence.

Very interesting stuff. It probably is a coincidence after scanning through a little bit.
I see some websites can tell you what class the system is, so there has to be a database, or lookup somewhere.

Oh for sure, its all in the SDE somewhere i’d imagine.

Do you want to fetch the system class like High, Low, C2 or similar?

In this case you may need the EVE static data you may fetch from Steve (EVE Data Dump (SDE) - Fuzzwork Enterprises).

Then some sql will give you the desired information given the solar system id (see /search solar_system)

	md.itemName systemName,
	md.itemID systemID,
	md.constellationID constellationID,
	md.regionID regionID,
    mls.wormholeClassID systemClass,
    mlr.wormholeClassID regionClass
	mapDenormalize md
left join
	mapLocationWormholeClasses mls on mls.locationID = md.itemID 
left join
	mapLocationWormholeClasses mlr on mlr.locationID = md.regionID 
where md.itemID = 31000005;        

This sql will give you the systemClass and the regionClass whereas the systemClass ranks higher if not null.

The meaning of the numbers is:

  • 1-5 :C1 -C5
  • 7 : High Sec
  • 8: Low Sec
  • 9: 0.0
  • 12: Thera

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