Shattered Wormhole System Spectral Classes - What are the A0IV2?

My Corp-Friend Jen Hoshi and I have been investigating the Seyllin incident lately. It appears that Stars in those Systems all have the Planet type “Sun A0 (Blue Small)” but different Spectral types.

I am wondering why those have different types/spectral classes and researched a bit more about the types and classes in general.





J055520 is a Drifter system but the Only system with a pure A0.

The 5 systems left have a spectral class of A0IV2 which doesn’t seem to exist in the real world and I am wondering WHAT these 5 have in common. They are all C13 but apart from that I cannot find other important similarities.

I would love to know if anybody here might know a bit more and can point me in the right direction?

Thanks for taking the time and please feel free to ask or contribute whatever you have in mind, it might help no matter how small it may seem.

Best wishes

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Nice research…

Maybe it’s due to CCP having multiple Devs work on the programming…