So I’ve been scanning for a wormhole home and looking for a c2 with a c3 and ls static but I cant find one all I find it a c2 and ls static or a c1 and ns static so do they exist? Also could a c3 with c3 static exist?

There are one or two, but that’s a pretty rare combination (a C2 with a C3 and LS static). It looks like there is a shattered WH that has that along with a NS static.

Here is a list of all WHs and their characteristics for your search:


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non-shattered C2->c3/LS do not exist. C2 come in the following flavours:

C2 -> HS/C1
C2 -> HS/C3
C2 -> HS/C4
C2 -> LS/C2
C2 -> NS/C5
C2 -> NS/C6


Ok thanks

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