WH static info for a newbro

I’m new to Eve having recently progressed from Echoes.

I’m looking for a little info on wormhole statics.

Do C1’s all have one static and it’s always to HS

C2’s have 2 statics, HS and LS?

Etc etc

Any help would be great, just trying to understand how statics work. I read another thread about a C1 having a NS static, I didn’t realise this was possible. If that’s the case is it possible to have a C2 with 2x NS statics?

Class 1, 2 and 3 This wormhole seems to lead into unknown parts of space.
Class 4 and 5 This wormhole seems to lead into dangerous unknown parts of space.
Class 6 This wormhole seems to lead into deadly unknown parts of space.
Class 7 A wormhole that leads to High Security
Class 8 A wormhole that leads to Low Security
Class 9 A wormhole that leads to k-Space Null Security
Class 12 A wormhole that leads to Thera can also be referred to as C12.
Class 13 A wormhole that leads to a Small Shattered Wormhole System. Note that other shattered wormhole systems have the same type of statics as non-shattered systems.
Class 25 A wormhole that leads to Pochven, otherwise known as Triglavian Space


Probably not exhaustive but it looks like C1 can also have null sec and low sec statics. Like J102655 WH Systems Database

-C1s always have a kspace static (either HS, LS, or NS).
-C2s have a kspace and jspace static with 6 different combinations.
-C3s are the same as C1s.
-C4s have 2 jspace statics.
-C5 and C6s have one jspace static.

Shattered systems have additional statics.


If you look at a wormhole, you’ll see it’s named differently on both sides.

One side of a wormhole is always labelled “K162”, and the other can have any of a number of designations (B274, E545, O477), found here: Anoik.is

A static of a wormhole space system is a type of wormhole connection (one or more of the codes in the chart linked) that will always be present in that system. Every wormhole has it’s own list of static connections, some are common combinations and others are rare/unique. The reason they will always be present is because when a static connection wormhole closes, another one will open after about 1 minute.

Not sure what statics a system has? Type the system name into the search bar of http://anoik.is

The static connections chosen for each system are a balance decision taken by CCP. There’s a full list of wormholes on the same site: Anoik.is
You can see for standard (planets are not “shattered”) wormholes there’s patterns of what kinds of statics of each class have. Your specified combination of 2x nullsec statics doesn’t exist for those.

Shattered wormholes are a different bag, usually with both more static connections and transient K162 connections.

There’s also some very special shattered wormholes with extremely high connectivity:

  • Thera: multiple static connections to each type of space, NPC stations that allow jump-cloning, mapped by evescout: Thera Wormhole Connections - EvE-Scout
  • Drifter wormholes: 60+ connections to known-space, all wormholes are on deadspaced grids (known-space side guarded by drifters), known-space wormholes spawn as “Unidentified Wormhole” beacons in systems with Jove Observatories. These are known by the names of beacons within them: Barbican, Conflux, Redoubt, Sentinel, Vidette