A question about statics?

I just had a quick question about C3 statics.

I am using a map tool to see statics but can not find a lot of info on what statics are possible in each class type of wormholes. I am basically wondering if a C3 can have a static C2 or C1?

If any one could provide a site or tool to see what type of statics are possible for each class, I would really appreciate it. I am looking for a c3 or c2 with a c3 or c2 static

C3s only have K-space statics.

A C2 can have a C3 or a C2 static, but it will also have another static as well.


If youre looking for a specific setup in J-space, you can search on this site for a system that fits your desires… if it exists.


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Wormhole type information

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c3 have static in k-space only (Shattered is exemption)
You can find c4 with two static in any w-space, like c4-2-1

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