Question: Are there systems with C13 statics?

1 - Are there any systems with statics leading to C13s? (frig shattered WHs)

2 - Where would be the best place to ask for paths to specific WHs?
3 - What would be the most active ingame chat about WHs?

1, Nope, you have to find them. Usual way is to find one, then drop an alt in and leave them there.
2. Signal Cartel does not give that info away, to anyone but you can buy it from
3 Eve- Scout in game chat.

1 Like run C13 fleets, you can always tag along with them.

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  1. No C13 static exists sadly. Wandering A009s lead to a C13, but are only wanderings
  2. I run the biggest C13 Escort Service in Eve, granted no one else is really doing this either. I’ve escorted an average of a couple dozen into C13 wormholes this year alone and can get you into a C13 too.
  3. Annisir is probably correct with the Eve-Scout in game chat channel

Add me on discord though for me to get you into a C13 wh, as I rarely check the forums. You can also find the discord information in my “C13 Bookmarks” chat channel in game too:

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