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Hey gang, simple question here, is there an WH that have 2 statics, both of which are K space (low and null for example)? I’m given to understand that C2s have a pair of statics, but are always a fixed K space static and a fixed J space static. Thanks in advance for the responses.

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Edit: No for non-shattered systems

C1 space always has a k-space static
C2 space always has a w-space and k-space static
C3 space always has a k-space static
C4 space always has two w-space statics
C5 and C6 space always have w-space statics

Shattered systems gain a k-space static on top of their normal statics. So a C2 shattered wormhole can have two k-space statics but you cannot anchor any structures there making living out of it a challenge. Reference: https://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/thera-and-the-shattered-wormholes/

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That was my thought, thank you for confirming.

Looks like I’ll need to do some Orca Hobo-ing if I want to have my own “Little Thera”.

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You could always settle in a C1->NS, C2->NS or C3->NS. Occasionally you may get a wandering HS entrance which you’ll use for your high sec shopping needs. More likely a C2->HS/C1, C2->LS/C2 or C2->HS/C3 will connect to you, giving you a k-space connection one WH out.

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A C2 w/ static into Null and corresponding static to C5 would certainly work, but I can’t help but feel you would be evicted sooner rather than later. I essentially need nothing more than a Plane Jane Astrahus for storing rolling ships, and very little else. I would have no interest in defending it, might even Freeport it tbh.

A C1 w/ a Null static seems to be a better candidate for a quiet little hunting lodge, but getting support ships into the space would be a PitA. I suppose I would need to bring Bl Ops and Higgs ships in via a DST and fit them in the Astrahus/Raitru.

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Black Ops are absolutely useless in a C1, since you cannot take them out. If you intend to use any kind of BS outside of your hole you need a C2 or up.

The one exception is the Nestor.

(Amak Boma) #7

battleships in c1 wormhole are generally useless,maybe rattlesnake for defending thought.

you can move into wormhole packaged battleship with deep-space transport sush impel or occator but still not worth time if its for c1 wormhole,additionally battleships in c1 are gank magnets but if someone needs content more,can use battleships for baiting.

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Thank you. I absolutely knew this, it just slipped my mind. We’ll call it a senior moment and leave it at that.

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