What is this system?

I came upon this system while exploring. 30+ signatures and they all seemed to be wormholes. Has anyone ever found this kind of system, and what is the purpose? Anoik.is calls it an Cataclysmic Variable System… what is that?

Cataclysmic Variable

Cataclysmic Variable systems are an interesting paradox. On the one hand, they enormously increase the strength of remote repair modules, and the capacitor volume of the ships using them. (And while they also slow capacitor recharge times, the larger increase in volume results in increased stability.) On the other hand, they also greatly reduce the strength of local repair modules, and remote cap transmitters. The result is a system type which encourages group play with either spidertanked ships or heavy logistics support, but forces the use of locally cap-stable logistics ships and discourages capital warfare

That’s interesting but are there always tons of wormholes like that?

No. It’s one of the effects, like black hole etc.

Thanks for that link. Interesting

This is a special system called a “Drifter System,” inhabited by the Drifters. There are five, each with a Class 2 effect of a different kind, and each individual one has its own class type. You stumbled upon “Barbican,” with a Cataclysmic Variable effect, marked as a Class 15 wormhole system. If you look on your overview, you’ll see a beacon simply named “Barbican;” this is how these systems get their names. Every signature in a Drifter system is guaranteed to be a wormhole; it has a Class 2 static and pretty much all the other wormholes will be to k-space. From the k-space side, these are marked clearly by “Unidentified Wormhole” beacons on the overview that you can warp to at around 70-80km (they only spawn in systems with Jove Observatories, as well), but on the inside you’ll need to scan them down. This link should help.

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Thanks for the link. That explains it.

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