C3 cataclysmic variable ratting advice?

So me and my corpmates live in a cataclysmic variable C3 wormhole, which means there are penalties to local armor and shield repair modules. Right now we are using a passive shield rattlesnake, but it’s not ideal. With tech 2 purger rigs and pimped shield mods you still have to overheat the hardeners for some sites, and the recursive depot with three battleships is especially tricky. One advantage we have is the big bonus to remote repair modules in our hole. However the remote repairers do take up your high slots, so you would naturally turn to droneboats for this kind of strategy. I tried to come up with some good fits for this, but with drones as your only damage source, the dps is a bit meh.

So my question: What is a good solution to all this? Maybe a sniping or sig/speed tanking fit? I’d love to hear your ideas, thanks!

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