Make Wormhole K162 connections easier recognizable for people with colorblindness


My corp lives in wormhole space which means that each day we endlessly take part if the activity known as “scanning”. We scan wormholes, bookmark them and map the connection using Pathfinder. However, for some of our corp members, due to their colorblindness, it’s v. difficult to differentiate between different K162 connection and classes of wormholes those connections lead to. This problem is mostly present in recognition of C2/C3 connections and C4/C5.

To identify to which wormhole class a K162 connection leads to we use two factors: description and nebula. The description for C2/C3 connection is the same (as with C4/C5 but with ‘lead to dangerous’) so the only way to distinguish those is to look at the nebula (color and shape). And for a typical person, it takes some time to get used to those but after some practice it’s possible to be able to distinguish them. However, for a person with certain colorblidness disability it’s nearly impossible to see those differences.

Therefore, I would like to see a change in wormhole game play, where a K162 connection class can be identified by other means than the color and shape of the nebula. This would greatly improve the game play satisfaction for our colleagues who unfortunately were not gifted with perfect eyesight.

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