[EU] 21 mil SP Pilot looking for wh corp

Hello there!

I just started playing again a few days ago after a 1 year break and am looking to get back into J-Space.
Ive been playing on and off for like 6 years now but never had the luck to find a corp i would fit into, so i always stopped playing after a few weeks as playing solo got boring quickly. I would like to change that now.

I have 21 Mill SP and ive done alot of scanning and a few fleets with my last corp in J-Space. So i know how to bookmark and a mappingtool (Pathfinder). I can fund myself and am looking for some people to pew pew things with.

To me:
Im a 29 year old dude living in austria. English is my second language but it shouldnt be a problem. I like to ■■■■ around and dont take myself too serious.

You can leave a comment here, if ive sparked your interest or write my character “Gangii” ingame so we can have a chat.

See you around!

hi there m8

if you can consider Pochven then check us out below


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