[EU] 5.6m skill LF EU CORP to focus on making ISK based on my current skills

Hi my name is Duranor, and currently searching for EU (No US) related PvE corporation which is active and also are talking a lot on discord, preferably the same timezone as I live CET (Amsterdam, Netherlands). I don’t want to be involved around huge scale PvP, only when the time calls or small scale.

At this moment my priority is to focus on making a lot of ISK, with the current skills that I have and to evolve into an specialized job that I can continue to do to sustain OMEGA, preferably with an active team.

Please check my http://eveboard.com/pilot/Duranor_Stone
And show me in which way you could help me, to get there again.

Something about myself…
I usually work 3 days a week (Currently not working a lot, searching for a new job)
24 Years old, Male. I will be active a lot when I find the corporation that can help me.

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hi there … we are a small corp doing all kind of stuff in eve … pve, pvp, mining, indy, in HS, LS and WH … so you could try a lot of stuff if you want

we are EU TZ
look at his and feel free to join out public channel … so we can talk a bit and get a feeling if it fits or not


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Hello. I’m in the corp chat. Waiting atm to see if it works out.

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Hey, if you are still looking for a corp hit me up for a chat we are EU based smaller corp but focused and know what we are doing, we are part of a coalition we helped form in the area we live so have lots of people on to do stuff with most times of the day.

We have multiple systems in null that you can earn iskies in and optional pvp training and daily camps.

is our forum post for more information and igc name etc.

Hey Duranor

Sounds like you might fit in with use in LEUB (LEUB up local (Null PvP and Industry!))

We are a medium sized null-sec corp with great people and awesome logistics services for living in null sec :slight_smile:

I will try to get a hold of you in game as well, but feel free to mail me in game or join our recruitment channel "Unbound Recruitment

Hey man,

I know you’re shifted, good luck !

If it doesn’t work out let me know, you could make Omega easily in our home pocket either via mining ops (we’re launching a profit share scheme for buy-back paying OVER Jita prices rather than ripping our members off like most null entities) or ratting for an hour a day would cover it.

Fly Safe o/

Thanks everyone for posting on here, I have found a place to be :smile:

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