[EU/AU/US] [PVP] Cruisers Crew is recruiting

Incoming Recruitment Transmission

Cruisers Crew is recruiting.

In eve, there flys many a different mind; The Ratter Splatter, the Dora Explorer, the Industrial Bob the Builder, the Wall Street Guy, and the Killboard Whore. Behind every eve profession, is a mind that you can understand.

• The F1 pusher, flys the same ships and relies mostly on a good FC.
• The Gate Camper, who with a specific setup of instapoint, dps and tackle kills any unsuspecting traveler but avoids any threat or credible confrontation.
• The AT pilot who relies on bling, implants, and overpowered ships to fill their killboard with kills from pilots who don’t even come close to that level of commitment.
• The Casual Whelper, who dies nearly every engagement because they won’t learn or keep using bad ships/strategy
• The True PVPer, who utilizes skill, adaptation, backup, intel, research, and experience to fill his killboard with evidence of well practiced results.
• The Dora Explorer, diving deep into wormholes, hacking the rarest of nodes and getting out without leaving a trace.
• The Industrial Bob the Builder, creating an arsenal of weapons for other people to use. Specializing in making things, moving them around, and earning ISK for their labors.

To which will you become? That’s entirely up to you. Our job in Cruisers Crew is to help guide you in the right direction.

In eve you’re rewarded, or ruined. You either apply yourself or you do not. You take risks, or you keep it chill. To be successful you need a little bit of it all. God knows we’ve made excruciating mistakes. Hopefully we can help you avoid them.

We can offer you a home in Cruisers Crew. if you are interested in joining message me in discord or in game:
(Highnet Pro#6732) Discord
(Highnet Pro) EVE


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