**Unforeseen Consequences is now open for recruitment**

To all pilots of EvE

We have opened our doors to all backgrounds in eve online, from mining to industry to our very well known PvP.

All pilots are expected to be able to fly cruisers and bellow.

Minimum sp - 5mil

SRP available on fleets.

Must be self efficient on isk making.

Must enjoy a good laugh and be on Team Speak.

Find content if needed.

Bring new Ideas to a old player based corporation who have dementia!
now what did i already say?!?!

Anyways we want new blood new recruiters and people with inspiration in killing others and having fun.

If you wish to be part of this crazy old man corp of people that have played from 2004 onward then please feel free to join our public channel and spam us with api’s.


or convo Tayllor04

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P.S. We can’t spell or use grammar. I suspect that’s the dementia…We do kill on a regular basis and sometimes we die too.

Victory through Superior Firepower.

bumps or something to help?!? confused…

bump up

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