[EU/AUTZ] Paranoia Overload is recruiting

Praise Bob, brothers and sisters

Paranoia Overload, a member of Rejection of Sovereignty is currently recruiting pilots from all walks of life to fly with them in the cold, yet loving embrace of Bob.

Here’s what we’re NOT

  • Stats-obsessed maniacal PVP-ers - we lose ships and don’t really care about. Bob provides enough for the smart capusleer and our policy is to inflict maximum damage/isk, not necessarily winning encounters (KB surely reflects that)

  • The next big thing in WH space - we don’t have any impossible goals set for us. We’re trying to get our fix of ship explosions, fly around j-space and silently, stealthily, observe other people’s life in their wormhole homes.

  • Expert pilots - some of us manage, some can barely undock properly, but we’re keen to practice and learn. We’ll gladly accept someone who’s not that adept at pvp as long as there’s a noticeable will to take fights, lose ships and improve in the process.

  • Young - well, that’s that - the average is 30+ in here and you won’t find any loud/aggressive ramblings you usually find with younger pals. We might have an extra drink or two and get on with some weird innuendo but that’s usually about it.

What we’d require of you

  • Ability to fly a scanning covops cloaking device fitted ship - Astero, Covops frigate
  • Scanning skills up to 3-4
  • T2 armor and shield tank
  • A source of income - we don’t SRP; if you lose stuff on a corporation fleet op, well, bummer.
  • At least one medium weapon system trained to T2 (medium lasers, hybrid, heavy missiles, HAM, projectiles)
  • Drone skills at least to 3, all the way to sentries
  • Reasonable english, a working mic, willingness to speak
  • Not to be a drama queen

What we offer

  • Alliance C4 home with C3/C4 statics
  • Corp training WH - C2 with C1/HS statics
  • People that actually play, either in corp or in the alliance - we’re mostly active on EUTZ, but the alliance covers most timezones so you’ll have people to fly with.
  • Alliance discord/pathfinder
  • Alliance sleeper loot buyback program

If you think this might be a home for you and you appreciate a mature, no bulls**t environment while getting your spaceships fix, then look no further - send Horza Tareem or Takamori Saig0 (with a zero at the end) a message in-game and we’re going to set up a chat.

Fly safe, spam V,