EU pvp corp LF alliance

As title says. We’re relatively small with maybe 10-15 active people RN, all EUTZ. More may come back if we can find somewhere good. We are all pvp focussed, with overall good level of SP, open to good fleets + we do our own small gang stuff.

What we’re looking for:

  • EUTZ (read: NOT “we’re US but we have some EU dudes” - looking for a proper EU group)
  • PVP focused - we want good alliance content regularly as well as flexibility to do our own corp stuff
  • As few blues as possible
  • Preferably 0.0 but will consider LS (no WH’s plz…just not our style)

No mergers

Oh and post on here rather than IGM. I’ll see them but it’ll easier here. Ty

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Yea what the guy above me said.

Just send me a mail in game or on Discord (Justin Starr STARR#8251) and we can talk about your corp.

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@Joseph_McArthur @Justin_Starr_STARR

Are you guys part of PANDAFAM and blue to half of eve atm?

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That’s Legacy

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Lets try again, are you part of WinterCo who are currently allied with PanFam (i.e. Pandafam…)?

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Yea WinterCo and allies PanFam for the time being.

But if you are looking for a place in 0.0 that has few blues then you will need to wait until the war in the South is over.

Each half of the map is shooting the other half unless you want to join Dead Coalition and watch Snuff take a dump on you.

Choice is yours and I’m just offering a place to get some PvP action.

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Thanks but no thanks :smiley:

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Good luck in finding what you want.

WH would be best and maybe Lowsec.

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Agreed… honestly man just come to wormholes and live in a NS static or something. Tons of small gang content like you’re after, and the scanning isn’t bad.

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Thank you for your comments - I’m quite aware of the state of null sec atm :smiley:

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Reverberation Project owns Sov in Vale of the Silent and we are a pvp focused alliance. We average 15 to 20 euros on an average day. Lost a few recently to Triumverate.

Never a shortage of things to do and we have excellent systems for ratting and mining.

We run our alliance like a family and believe community is important. We are also living in the last real wild west in eve and have no ties to blocs. is our discord. Contact Talon Shryne or Vorengard if youre interested.

Good luck in whatever you choose.

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Thanks for your message. I don’t know much about your alliance and what you are doing but there doesn’t seem to be much PVP on your KB recently. Are you a pvp alliance?

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You’re replies really remind me of what I went through looking for the same thing with an old corp of mine years ago lol. Good luck finding gem in amongst all the rocks, not sure what you’re looking for is really there anymore unfortunately.

If you do decide to look at wormholes have a look at Dead Terrorists. 100% EU tz, two alliance ops every week to hunt + loads of adhoc stuff. Really nice bunch as well, chilled and fun pvp where they will take fights against the odds.

Well worth thinking about, just like living in 0.0 tbh, warp to the static and you’re in a different area of null sec every day :slight_smile:

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Out of interest, what have you got against WinterCo? We have PvP pretty much round the clock, we’re holding off the TESTbears (regardless of what the Reddit propaganda says) & we’re only blue to PanFam when we’re coordinating certain ops.

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He doesn’t want to be part of a big coalition of blue dude, he wants to have a smaller alliance fighting the good fight without lots of blue.

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Yeah. Been a bit of a slump the last couple weeks as everyone is enjoying the last bit of summer and going back to school. We killed a capital fleet last night.

Vale and Tribute are feast or famine. You either get a ton of fights or go a day or two with none.

I read it that there was a specific issue rather than that.

No specific issue with winter + pets at all, would have given the same reply to TEST & their pets or any other alliance in a similar position.

@Dymorian_Deile pretty much has it right and maybe what we’re looking for doesn’t exist.

I’m looking for an alliance that focuses on good PVP and stands up to the current era of blob warfare and only winning through n+1.

Yea what you are looking for doesn’t really exist at this moment but if you are willing to give one of the “pet” alliances a try check us out at VINDICTIVE.

We may be part of WinterCo but we do about 95% of our PvP by ourselves. The other 5% is for the ones that are able to make the Chinese CTAs and there isn’t many of us that can.

But if you are really hell bent on the little blues as possible thing then you should really consider Wormholes.

Best of luck friend.