[EU TZ ]Outnumbered - Small gang PvP - Laid back family-like atmosphere


Outnumbered is looking for a handfull of friendly and positive players to join our ranks!

We are a small group of PvPrs playing this game to get exciting and fun fights. We currently stage out of Caldari space but we will roam whereever - looking for good fights.

Our small group of members consists of players that have played the game for more than 16 years and those who have just started playing - but got a positive attitude and are willing to learn.

What we can offer our members:

  • 3 Scheduled corp PvP ops a week
  • Casual PvP most days
  • Good logistics and supply of ships and equipment at trade hub prices or less - wherever we go
  • A group of friendly members, allways willing to help a fellow corpmate
  • Experienced fleet commanders

What we expect from our members:

  • Got a positive and friendly attitude
  • Joins corp activities and helps create fun content
  • Has a working microphone and is willing to use it in discord or teamspeak
  • Needs to be self sufficient and earn your required isk at times when there is no scheduled corp ops.

If any of this appeals to you - feel free to send 1W3GHXQZ a mail in-game or join our public channel: Outnumbered Public

We’re looking forward to talking with you!

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Recruitment still open for both bitter vets and new players that are looking for fun small gang PvP :boom:

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