[EU/UK] Blood Blind - Industrial Piracy in Non Bloc Null Sec

Short and sweet really; we’re a small group of returning vets with 100M+ SP and more alts than FPS who are back playing EVE and looking for others to join us and grow a corp in a nullsec. We’ve recently joined an alliance in Feythabolis and are looking for pilots of all persuasions!

What the corp offers

  • Experienced Leadership
  • Objectives and plans - kinda important in a sandbox
  • Capital to do our own thing, structures, moons whatever we decide as a group
  • Small gang PVP and BLOPs!

What the alliance offers

  • Moon mining including R64s
  • Industry and manufacturing facilities
  • Nullsec ratting
  • Mid-Large scale fleet operations

What we require

  • Be active, don’t just lurk in Discord and wait for content
  • Appreciate that we have jobs and lives outside of EVE
  • Be Omega
  • Have some experience in EVE; new-ish is fine but don’t be a day 1 pilot trying to move to nullsec with us. There are better corps for you if that’s the case.

Hit me up on discord: Blood Blind or apply on bloodblind.space

Bump… exciting post.

Morning o7

Still looking for EU pilots

Still looking for all types of pilots in the EU and UK timezones!

If you’ve recently returned to the game or just been playing for a few months, we could be a good fit for you and help you get up to speed!

Another day, another chance to join us in nullsec.

Good evening Europe!

Still looking for pilots and I really need to improve the original post here.

Morning! Make yourself a brew and apply for some null sec piracy shenanigans.

Still recruiting. Need some miners and builders, need some pvpers!

Got IT infrastructure sorted though and have auth set up; feel free to apply over on bloodblind.space

Still recruiting!

Interesting experience this. Came back to EvE after a decade, wasn’t keen on joining any of the big blocks and all that drama. Joined up here and spent a day getting a ship way out to Feythabolis. Took a while, scouted a wormhole with a decent HS connection etc etc.

Finally get something out and first thing that happens when I undock is getting killed by blues who then proceeded to call me a spy out of nowhere. OK, I’m sure that can be sorted out. Send a message to Rhazul here. Never got an answer, not a single word. Log in today and I’ve been kicked. No reimbursement.

Fun times, exactly the shitty experience you want getting back to EvE. 0/10 would join again.

Good luck with your recruiting

We’re hanging your corpse up as a warning to the rest of your ilk.

When you do Spy things, you get shot like spies

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Oh look the censor brigade are out. My corp mate merely stated this guys post history, why ‘the community’ decided it was flagged and temporarily hidden is beyond me.

I think a good anti spy network is unfortunately necessary in a modern corp. We don’t ask for sign ups to 100 websites, but if you are literally as stupid as this dude and a simple search on the internet says you are a spai, then expect to get awox’ed and we will enforce that policy.

Still recruiting those who aren’t spies. As you can seem it’s a bit of an issue!

Still recruiting ahead of Equinox. Lots of new nullsec mechanics and systems to play with, should be an interesting time.

All are welcome o/

Still looking for more pilots.

Definitely need a few more Indy/mining pilots but all are welcome to apply.

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting.

Still recruiting. I need to update this post really but still need indy and pvp pilots, alot of stuff to do at the moment!

Still looking for Indy and pvp inclined players!

Enjoy nullsec from outside the big blocs!