[EU/US] Gregarious Games Mechanized Federation - Industry focused pilots with a love for PVP!

Are you ready for a corporation that’s out of this world? Look no further! Gregarious Games Mechanized Federation; a proud member of Solyaris Chtonium (SLYCE)… yes those guys who love their procurers. We are seeking talented pilots to join our crew in the pursuit of industrial and PVP greatness. Born in the cradle of high sec and tempered in the trials and tribulations of Null Sec; GG-MF is an established corporation of SLYCE with a sense of duty to help defend our home from our enemies.

What we have to offer on a corporation level:

  • ◆Active discord coms with friendly members who are always open to offer guidance when asked
  • ◆Mining Anomaly system upgrades
  • ◆PVE: Anomaly and Exploration
  • ◆Local PVP Combat: Protect corporation skyhook reagents and encounter surveillance payments from rival corporations, showcasing your skills in intense space battles.
  • ◆Corporation appointed FC’s for organization for corporation-level PVP
  • ◆Shipbuilding and Industry: Manufacture, and maintain our fleet of advanced modules and ship hulls.

What is offered on an alliance level:

  • ◆ A strong doctrine SRP program.
  • ◆Alliance level fleets near daily and even more to close to home engagements with the debut of the Equinox update.
  • ◆Coalition fleets constantly going out on the daily which can be freely joined by all members of SLYCE.
  • ◆A capital umbrella to for capital PVE activities.

What we would ask of you wanting to join us:

  • ◆No elitist attitudes - they aren’t fun to be around anyways!
  • Joining our discord is required
  • We highly encourage joining voice coms for the best experience we have to offer.

Contact us in game:

Search for the channel “GG-MF Recruitment Office”

Or contact/mail a recruiter:

  • Sethos Tragovian - EU
  • Antaresia Zhizhu - EU
  • jpm Mikakka - US
  • StationACE - Late Night US
  • Roland Hurin - Director
  • Hyper Codar - CEO

Don’t wait! You might miss out on something fun!

We LOVE PVP’ers! Give us a shot!

Great fun I had with them. Recommend to people to check out

New update Hype got us looking for promising recruits!