[EU/US] [HS&NS] Misfits Paddleboat Club: Looking for Miners and PvE Pilots

Are you a simple miner looking for a group to hang with? Maybe a PvE pilot looking for that perfect mission running group. New, Returning and Old alike are welcome here with the Misfits Paddleboat club.

About Us

We are a Small “Real Life First” group who are just looking for casual players to come join us, become part of our growing community within the larger community of our alliance.

What We are looking for

  • Newbies looking to learn and returning players looking to get back into the game, play and join in friendly chat on discord.
  • Casual miners, PvE players and Industrialists
  • People looking to be part of a community, contributing their bit, doing what they like, and helping others learn when possible.

What would we ask of you

  • Respect to both friends and enemies alike
  • No-drama Attitude
  • No offensive, controversial or politically charged content. Everyone is entitled to their opinions (no matter the “side” you’re on). We just ask that you keep them to yourself. We are all here to be friendly and work together.

What we offer

  • A Real Life First Atmosphere. We are centered around a real life first style of play, we do not get upset if you can’t make a fleet because of RL. We love this game but we understand that it is a game and life goes on outside of it.
  • A small group of great people. We are small, but looking to grow this small group of great people into a much larger group of great people.
  • A Highsec Campus. Our campus has L1 thru L4 missions available within 1 jump. An ice belt next door and a second a few jumps away. As well as access to low sec mining opportunities as little as 1 jump away.
  • Classes and Fleets. These may be hosted by fellow corp members or by members of our alliance. All are taught/run by experienced folks who would love to have you learn from them.
  • A sister corp that you can graduate to for a full null sec experience. With access to more PvP, PvE, and Mining opportunities, as well as fleets of all sizes, and plenty of killmails to collect.

Come and don’t be afraid to get your feet wet with us!! We all start swimming somewhere.

Join our discord to connect with us Misfits Yacht/Paddlboat Club or DM oggund or behappy1000 on discord. You can also contact Oggund Garsk Or Ghashos Mema Omaristos in game.

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