[EU/US] [HS & NS] Svalbard Nursery SVK: casual and mature community looking to expand our player base

Newbros and returning pilots come join Svalbard and meet helpful and fun people to play in New Eden.

Come visit Svalbard! There’s no faster way to learn than with helpful infographics featuring pictures of kittens and puppies, and we’re pros at making them!

We are here to help Newbros and returning pilots come join Svalbard

Join Svalbard today and make your time in new eden that much better

Come visit Svalbard! Live your best EVE life!

A community to help newbros through New Eden and a community to help returning pilots to regain their footing join Svalbard today and be part of something amazing.

Join us today and make your starting or returning experience great. Svalbard is the place for you!

Svalbard is a wonderful place to learn and grow as an EVE player, come hang out with us and get better at this game together!

Join Svalbard and make your eve experience so much better

Come join Svalbard, we have folks who specialize in most aspects of the game to help folks learn and grow, as well as returning folks figure out what’s changed!

New in Eve or a returning pilot? Join Svalbard and we will make sure you get the best help and enjoyment in New Eden

Come visit Svalbard! A great leadership team and helpful corp-mates to get you started in EVE!

Looking for newbros willing to learn and veterans willing to teach!