(EU/US) Indirect approach is recruiting

Hello Indirect apprtoach is recruiting.
We need miners and indy to complete our good team!

We are a miners team with Pvp aside. We have some R64 R32 R16 moons from corporation

We are member of Fraternity University with access to all winter co space.

We live in Null sec with no war deck. We are situate in Vale of Silence and Tribute.

We have no obligations

We are a Pvp and mostly Industry focused corporation. Most of the core are all industry and miners.

We have access to an entire constellation to mine and do Pve. We have some goods moons from corporation to mine as Ice belts and mercoxite anomally just for us.

We are in search for new players as older players to join our team. We are a small to medium size corporation on a chill international team covering every time zone.

We have the project to help people to reach there goal as learning Pvp and industry in order to affoard caps and super caps in the long run.

We Require:

-ESI registration on both Alliance and Coalition sites
-Must be able to use comms during fleets for your own protection and efficiency

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