[EU/US] - Mature / No War / High-sec PVE / Mining / Industry Corp / PvP sprinkled in (participation in public NPSI fleets) / Free BPO library worth 8b / new & returning players / ║███░L░O░A░D░I░N░G░ Alliance is recruiting like minded corps

i never find anymore on ‘‘Loading, Please Wait’’ to talk about recruting…

You posted this message 8 hours ago, near downtime. Are you a AU player? Most of us are EU / US which means right now is the start of our EVE day.

Ps. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Do you have an ore buyback program? Who can I talk to online?

send me a message, we have individuals who buy at -10% jita prices , you can contract your ore to them

looking for a new corp? why not F around and find out if we’re a good match.

Hi ,

I would fall into returning vet. I have 25 million point toon. I have played this game for 6 months twice and always enjoyed it but never could find a solid corp to run with. The ones I did fell apart quickly.

Looking to do the following.
small scale pvp.
Anything else the game offers.
I tend to try the full game not just a nitch.

Alpha at this time looking for a corp to go back omega.

How much tax you charge?

5%, this is for stuff like paying alliance bills, corp bills, paying FCs to take us out on PVP roams, stuff like that.

we also use some of this isk to buy BPOs that everyone can use free of charge.

Hi! I am a new player who is looking to spend most of my time mining for now. With interest in industry and exploration as well.

@Agent_Blackbear What high sec area are you based out of? I am 3 buddies with 2 alts each looking…

1- orca/miner/industry

we are in near rens

specifically in derelik, you can see a map in the original post

@Agent_Blackbear Ahh yes I am on vacation and for some reason the map was not loading.

no problem! any other questions hit me up in game.

Returning player for the umpteenth time…allot of vacations from eve.
Looking at industry or just making isk.
Came back in September and kept 3 accounts afloat mining for plex till January.
3 accounts paid for the year so now looking for fun to start.
Current corporation is good but the numbers are not there. (no issues looking for more)
Ive been a few places in eve since 2009.
Looking to see what is out there now with all the fun and exciting changes LOL.
Also looking for corp active between 6PM PST - 11PM PST M-F and Saturday-Sunday 11AM - 11 PM PST or GMT - 7. Watched recruitment video and almost spit out my drink i was laughing so hard.

RL may interrupt my play times as I’m going for my Bachler’s and less than 25% classes to go.

If I join and kick my can it would be main and 2 alt accounts.

Is there a minimum or maximum skill point level for corp?

Hi there,

This looks like a nice place to hang out :slight_smile:
I’ve had a long break, but long for space and blazing guns again.
I’m a casual player, with a job and family, so I’ll have limited playtime and limited use of voice software. However, when I do play, it 's really nice to hang out in the chat or maybe do mining or missions together.

I’ve played for years and years, sold my character, regretted and started over… so I have lots of experience… and it’s all 5 years out of date so I’ll have to relearn some things.

I enjoy taking a supporting role, for example as a salvager, mining hauler, remote booster, ewar, remote repair or maybe just the guy with the small ship that take out all the annoying frigates during a L4 mission.

I play in the EU timezone, usually in the evening.

I tried the “Loading. Please wait…” channel, without luck. Maybe we can have the conversation over pm’s here on the forum? Or somewhere else?

sure message me in game and we’ll chat!