[EU/US] - Mature / No War / High-sec PVE / Mining / Industry Corp / PvP sprinkled in (participation in public NPSI fleets) / Free BPO library worth 8b / new & returning players / ║███░L░O░A░D░I░N░G░ Alliance is recruiting like minded corps

i never find anymore on ‘‘Loading, Please Wait’’ to talk about recruting…

You posted this message 8 hours ago, near downtime. Are you a AU player? Most of us are EU / US which means right now is the start of our EVE day.

Ps. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Do you have an ore buyback program? Who can I talk to online?

send me a message, we have individuals who buy at -10% jita prices , you can contract your ore to them

looking for a new corp? why not F around and find out if we’re a good match.