[EU/US] Talocan Star Empire is Recruiting

Real Life First.

Looking for a Sov Null alliance that isn’t made up of several fractured Corporations with differing goals and chat channels? TSE is structured diffierent to most Sov Null Alliances in that we recruit members only to our Core Corporation, with opportunities to transfer to Integrated Divisions once you’re a trusted member such as the Industrial Division featuring various benefits like industrial & market Tax Discounts.


  • We maintain low skillpoint ships for all our Fleet Doctrines and ask that at least the Low SP ships are skilled.
  • Live in the space, chat with us, use it! Don’t just exist in hisec and not participate in the group!


  • 18 Systems, all in the process of being upgraded for plenty of Ratting Opportunity.
  • Several moons already anchored, and several dozen more planned, lots of good moon ore to be had.
  • Alliance Buyback for just about anything you can’t use. Saves on shipping to Jita, and lets us keep the industry local to the alliance.
  • We now have a JF service courtesy of third party MOONPIRE. 1750 isk/m3 Jita ↔ RIT-A7
  • Local Alliance and Coalition Markets.
  • Quick answers to questions, and more thorough tutoring if needed. Just prove you can learn, that’s all we ask.
  • Roaming Fleets.

So if you’re looking for an alliance where you can get to know all your fellow alliance members, apply to Talocan Core [TSEC.] and join our Discord: Talocan Star Empire

Fly Dangerous,

Flynn Ford | CEO - Talocan Star Empire

I’ll give this a bump and add my two cents to it.

I’m currently a member of Talocan Industrial Division, and so far my time has been quite well spent here in our little corner of null. Ratting is a very consistent and solid way to earn an income for alphas and omegas, plus we also have a large number of moons which we are trying to cover most days and timezones with.
The alliance buyback is extremely convenient – it’s currently 90% of Jita buy with a few items like fuel PI and wormhole gas that have bounties for extra isk on them. An alpha player is going to be hit with approx. 5% sales tax in Jita anyway, plus the trouble of hauling it too. If you have valuable items and want to put sell orders up in a trade hub, that’s perfectly fine too. But if you do use the buyback, every single isk of those taxes is being wrung for more opportunities for the alliance members.

Honestly the coolest trait of our alliance is that we’re new and growing extremely quickly. I got to see us move to Feythabolis and structures sprung up in our systems as I-hubs and TCUs were replaced. Much of this is thanks to large investments and hard work from Flynn, our directors, and our officers. As a result, our alliance is making boatloads of money and spending boatloads too.

If you have any questions, please hop in our discord or you can shoot my character a message in-game.
If you’re already interested, just send in an application to Talocan Core, join the discord, and you’ll be set to jump down to null as soon as a good wormhole connection opens up.

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