[EU/US TZ | NULLSEC | INDY/PVP/PVE] Become the Answer to Mankind!

Hear me out you pagans!

We are searching for the Goddess of love.
The stars speak about her beauty; that is why we search for the answer.
We must get richer for her.
We must build more for her.
We must purge the infidels from New Eden for her.
So we can make her presence even stronger.

This is why we do it.
This is why we dedicate so much to become her faithful supporters.
This is our calling.

She is the answer to life.
She is the answer to the universe.
She is the answer to everything.
She is the Answer to Mankind.

We are:

  • In EU and US timezones
  • In Nullsec space
  • Space zealots glorifying the Goddess of Love
  • Jack of all trade corporation, we do a bit of everything
  • A tight group of active players to hang out with

We seek:

  • New members willing to give glory to the Goddess of Love
  • Active members with a positive attitude willing to interact with other members
  • Mature members willing to be on comm
  • Omega clone

We offer:

  • Alliance warfare
  • PvP and PvE ship replacement program
  • Small gang fleets
  • Mining fleets
  • Industrial structures
  • Ship doctrine
  • Skill plans
  • Discord server.

Join us and learn of the glory of The Goddess of Love!
Join us and become the Answer to Mankind!

Just here to bump. Join us on our glorious crusade to cleanse the heretics of New Eden!
Lossmails 100% guaranteed.

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