(EU/USTZ) Orbital Tactics C6 PVP corp is recruiting!

Orbital Tactics has opened selective recruiting!

We are a C6 PVP Corporation and we are part of the alliance Sugar.

  • We are mainly EUTZ/USTZ

We are currently situated in a C6 Vanilla with a c5 static.

We provide:

  • Wormhole PVP

  • 100% SRP for fleet fights

  • Small gang hunting

  • Wormhole industry such as PI, gas huffing, manufacturing, etc

  • Logistics assistance for new members

  • NPSI friendly

  • Access to spec ops SIG content

  • High class PVE/Ratting fleets

  • Daily // Weekly PVP - we strive to take as many fights as possible

  • Active and interactive comms


  • Omega

  • 15 million SP (Negotiable depending on certain circumstances)

  • Have a brief understanding of Wormhole mechanics/be willing to learn the mechanics

  • Full ESI check

  • Be active and interact with corp/alliance

  • Willingness to adapt and learn from mistakes

  • Train up our doctrines

  • Have a Mic!!!

  • TS comm

  • PVP focused!

If we sound like we’re a good fit for you, drop in our discord and have a chat with us!

Discord: Sugar.

Killboard: Orbital Tactics | Corporation | zKillboard

We are still recruiting!

To the top!

Interested in the high class wh life? Drop in and have a chat!

Tired of chrunching veldspar in HS? Come try high class living!

We are recruiting AND we have cat pics!

Lé bump!

Come pew pew with us!


We are still recruiting!

Stonks to be made, fights to be had.
Also did I mention the cat pics?