[EU/USTZ][Sov Null] - The Meridian [-™-]

Who are we?

The Meridian. Proud part of the Lord of Worlds Alliance - Member of Winter Coalition. We are based out of Vale and Geminate, and we are looking to expand our member base! We are a heavily PvP based corporation, with necessary krabbing opportunities to feed our crippling PvP addiction! We are EU/USTZ based, in an alliance that covers all timezones, so you’ll fit right in!

We are social players, who all live by the mantra “Real life comes first” - with that being said, when we fleet up, we take our PvP seriously!
When we aren’t on stratops, we like to hang out on comms and talk ■■■■.

Being part of Winter Coalition, the opportunities for you are basically limitless, but some focus points on what we offer are written below.

What can we offer?

  • Null Sec Roams
  • The occasional Low Sec Roam
  • Small scale Gangs
  • Large fleet fights within the alliance/coalition!
  • Yeet fleets with disposable ships and needlejacks
  • Gate Camps

Good lookin’ killboard: The Meridian. | Corporation | zKillboard

We offer ISK-making and recreational activities including:

  • Ratting and mining pockets in upgraded Sov Null systems
  • Social mining ops
  • Industry - manufacturing etc.

What do we require?

So, you’ve gotten this far, that must mean you are still interested? However, we do have some requirements for new recruits:

  • A minimum of 30M skillpoints, preferably with a great deal of them in PvP skills (exceptions can be made if we find you a good fit for us)
  • Dread alt is very much desirable
  • You must be an adult
  • You must be able to join us on comms

So you want to join?

If The Meridian sounds interesting to you, here is how to reach us:

Ingame channel: [Meridian Rec]

Discord: The Meridian


  • Kazhi

  • Travling

  • Vonhendershot

  • Orion Cassini

  • Miyagumi Haikani

Come have fun with us!

Still looking for fresh pilots!

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Still looking for pilots!

Love making stuff explode? Want plenty of content? Want an active group to fly with? We are the Corp for you.

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still looking for able bodied pilots!

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still looking for peeps!

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Still open for recruitment!

Always welcoming new people.

Help us make stuff blow up! Join us today and discover your new EVE family

come one come all! :slight_smile:

Discord link has expired

now with updated discord link - thanks @Hadrian_Tobran !